a mother's blessing doula - Packages & Fees - Windsor, ON

Antenatal Doula Support
$30/hr: Chatham-Kent
$20/hr: Windsor-Essex

Full Antenatal Doula Support Packages:
2hrs five days/week
3hrs four days/week
4hrs three days/week 
Chatham:$250/week, $800/month

Labour/Birth Doula Support
*This includes 3 prenatal visits, support within 1.5 hrs of the onset of Labour or when you contact me until 2 hrs after delivery, 1 postpartum visit within 2 weeks of the birth of your baby, 24hr telephone/online support from the time your contract is signed until 6 months postpartum, a back up Doula in case of extraordinary circumstances where I may not be able to attend your birth and an opportunity to meet with her on our last prenatal appointment, 24 hour availability 2 weeks prior to your expected date of delivery and until your baby is born as well as a personalized birth story

Postpartum Doula Support
$35/hour: Chatham-Kent
$25/hour: Windsor-Essex
*Includes Breastfeeding Counselling*
- 2hrs three days/week
Chatham:$180/week, $600/month
Windsor:$120/week, $430/month
-4hrs three days/week
Chatham: $270/week, $900/month
Windsor: $200/week, $645/month

Breastfeeding Counselling (Pivate)
$30/hr: Chatham-Kent
$20/hr: Windsor-Essex
5hr Package
$125: Chatham-Kent
$75: Windsor-Essex

*Add Breastfeeding Counselling to  
  Antenatal or Labour/Birth Doula 
  Support for an additional
$15/hr: Chatham-Kent
$10/hr: Windsor-Essex

HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method
Private Classes
$450: Chatham-Kent
$350: Windsor-Essex

Group Classes
$325: Chatham-Kent
$300: Windsor-Essex

*add private HypnoBirthng classes to Labour/Birth Doula Support for a combined price of
$900: Chatham-Kent
$700: Windsor-Essex

Classes Offered 
(all classes below include a certificate of class attendance)
*Group classes will be listed as they are being offered as well as the class fee*

Infant Care/Parenting From Birth-12mths
$150: Chatham-Kent
$100: Windsor-Essex

Basic Prenatal with Hospital Tour
$250: Chatham-Kent
$175: Windsor-Essex

Breastfeeding Basics 
$80: Chatham-Kent
$50: Windsor-Essex

Breastfeeding from A-Z 
$120: Chatham-Kent
$90: Windsor-Essex

*Any Classes for fellow Childbirth Professionals to fulfill certification requirements (Includes Educational Information/Forms/Documents, as well as any of your necessary paper work filled out.)*

$75: Chatham-Kent
$50: Windsor-Essex

(Please contact me if you would like me to have a group class.  Include specifically what you need, when as well as how many others are interested - if you know of others)
$40: Chatham-Kent
$30: Windsor-Essex

* Please know that I will do my very best to accommodate the needs of all famiies I support.  Do not hesitate to contact me if my fees are not within your financial means.  I will do everything possible to offer support to any and all families. I have faced many struggles myself, through out my life.   My sliding fee scale is based on your needs not mine*

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